Monday, December 18 1:23 pm: In my room

I love what my family just told me. My family is going skiing at the new ski slope in about an

hour. I am so excited! It snowed like two feet yesterday we got a snow day. I live in Caribou,

Maine so we get almost the most snow in the country. My BFFS Leah and Meigha love to ski as

much as me! Oh! Did I mention that I got a brand new cell phone for my birthday the other day?

Well, I better call Leah and Meigha to tell them to meet me at the new ski slope!  ☺

Monday, December 18 2:08 pm: In my room

This ski incident is already a disaster! When I called Leah first, She couldn’t make it because she

is at her aunt’s birthday party. Then when I called Meigha she said she got sick over the weekend.

Now I have to go skiing with my annoying little sister, Emma and my weird big brother, Evan.

Oh! I better go! My mom is calling me. I just hope it won’t be as disastrous as It will be. ☹

Monday, December 18 4:49 pm: On the ski lift

I was right. This whole idea was a disaster waiting to happen. When we got there, we payed and

mom told me I should ski on the “Bunny Hill” I told her I wanted to ski on the “Teen Cool Slope”

but she said she wanted me to be “safe.” Plus, the “Bunny Hill” is where all kids about 4-6 years

old hang out. Kids 10 and older hang out at the “Teen Cool Slope.” I decided to fight back. I told

her it was unfair because all people my age would be at the “Teen Cool Slope” and I’d be with a

bunch of little kids but she didn’t budge. So, I was stuck skiing down the “Bunny Hill.” Another

reason why I wanted to be at the “Teen Cool Slope” was because I wanted to impress people with

my skiing skills. She didn’t even let me go on the “Kool Kidz Slope” Kids ages 7-9 hang out there.



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Is this kind of like a diary themed book? Anyway, I really like it? When are you posting more?

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