Welcome to Fan Appreciation Week, Day 4! Now, I know you all are big book worms like me (why else would we be here?), so today, the MB mods are celebrating that nerdiness in the best way -- with book recommendations!


Read on to see what books the mods are excited about and give us some recommendations of your own! Book Worms Unite!


LISA (yours truly)



Not too long ago, I found my book soulmate (send my apologies to Luna Lovegood) in Jamie Kelly, the star of Jim Benton’s DEAR DUMB DIARY series. When a book can make me laugh so hard that I cry, I know I’ve found the perfect match in book heaven. If you’ve ever had to deal with clueless parents, best friends with a questionable criminal background, or a crush on the eighth cutest boy in school, allow me to introduce you to your next favorite series.





Do you like video games?

Do you like books?

Are you currently in school?

Have you ever had a problem that you weren’t sure how to handle?



If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out Gavin Brown’s book, JOSH BAXTER LEVELS UP. It’s a brilliant story about a boy named Josh Baxter, who is dealing with all the issues which come along with being the new kid at school. With his grades slipping and friend circle almost non-existent, Josh decides to call on the power of video games to help him turn his school life around. Reimagining his daily routine in the form of a video game, Josh must form a trusted alliance (make a group of friends), hone his powerful skills (improve his grades), and somehow triumph in the biggest and baddest boss battle he’s ever known (tangle with school bully, Henry Schmittendorf – aka the Mitten Monster – AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!).


This book effortlessly uses video game comparisons to discuss some very common and important issues about growing up in a fun, fresh, and exciting way. Oh, and did I mention it’s written by Admin Gavin Brown?!?!? What more could you want??? Cupcakes?? Ok, yea, I want cupcakes too. BUT CHECK OUT THIS BOOK!





My favorite new book of 2016 is SOME KIND OF COURAGE by Dan Gemeinhart, because it’s about a boy who is kind and thoughtful . . . but also tough as nails! In his quest to get his pony back from the man who stole her, he has to survive a bear attack, river rapids, runaway trains, and wicked outlaws . . . and he never backs down. Yee-haw!





The I SURVIVED series is one of my favorites! Each historical fiction book follows a character at they experience a real life disaster. I learn so much from every book and find myself on the edge of my seat wondering how the characters will prevail. The latest book explores the Hindenburg Disaster—you won’t want to miss this one! Plus, we’ve got a cool excerpt HERE that shows you real photos and videos from the disaster.





Usually I’m a fantasy guy – thus editing Spirit Animals – but Varian Johnson’s THE GREAT GREENE HEIST is just such a blast of a read that I couldn’t put it down. Varian is especially great at writing savvy, snappy characters, and Jackson Greene is a fantastic protagonist. He’s smart. He’s funny. And who doesn’t love a reformed con-kid that decides to use their scheming powers for good?


Some of my favorite stories are the ones where kids who at first glance seem totally different end up working together to take down a bad guy – especially when the bad guy is a corrupt, clueless grown-up. Plus if you finish the book and realize that Jackson has gone and heisted your heart, don’t worry. The sequel, To Catch a Cheat, just came out this January.





There’s no way to describe Natalie Lloyd’s A SNICKER OF MAGIC without calling it “magical." I guess you could say “enchanting” or “spellbinding.” But in the end you’d be trying to describe a book full of wonder and joy that a few lines can’t describe. Just read this book.

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