WHO WANTS LINKED TOMBS? (Read the post before you answer)

Raid the tombs. Kill everything and get the treasure and gold. Admit it. You love it.


What I JUST told you is the game we're playing now. It's fun. Rewarding. Interactive. But what I'm telling you now is going to blow your minds. WHAT IF THERE WERE COMBINED TOMBS? Picture this. You defeat a tomb. Yay and hooray. But then you're in another place, starting out as if you glitched. And when you defeat that, here comes another. You get all the treasure and gold and all, but just if you're brave enough. Admit it. You totally love that. That's why I created this RP. To get Moderators to install it. If we can do this, we'll be known as the TombQuesters who added linked tombs. Want to join? Just fill the form.



TombQuest Name:


Age in Suns:


I, ____________, promise to be loyal and truthful to the TombQuest "We want this!" Group in every way, and promise to work hard in what the leader tells me to do.


Okay. sign up! And, if you don't know what the time measurement, "sun," is, it's a year.

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My undead minions speak MEDIUM GRAY. My fiery dragons speak RED. And my gold miners speak GOLD (Obviousy).


CALL ME SKULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have u checked to see if it is allowed?


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Australia is my home!



Stargate forever!!!!!!!!!



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