Prolouge-Reign of the Walkers


Cleopatra sat in her throne. She was the new Queen of the Nile, and was very well known across the country of Egypt. Her servants fanned her while the hot sun shone over her land, it made her feel powerful. "Bring me Nix, I'd like to see him." She spoke to her waiting servant. "Yes, my Queen." He said in response. When coming back with Nix, she spoke once more. "Nix, tell me, why do my people seem so ill?" Cleopatra's residents seemed sluggish, sick, even. They couldn't do much anymore, and it worried her. "The Walkers, my Queen, the Death Walkers. They are roaming around the unclaimed land of the Nile. We cannot stop them, they are too powerful."


Cleopatra thought for a moment. "My people should be protected at all costs. Send m bravest warriors to fight against this menance. If these Walkers harm our village, the Nile family could be doomed. This would be terrible for all of us." She said firmly. "Yes, my Queen, but we have no one left. All of our warriors are injured from trying to fight, they are too strong, those Walkers." Nix replied, seeming very upset.


"Then I have no choice. We will have to evacuate. The Walkers have their scorpions around as well, and they have bought illness to some of the villagers. Ask the healer to do her best on treating them. We will set up camps. Check for kingdoms that would accept our citizens. Hurry, now, Nix, and be careful." She warned. "Yes, my Queen." And Nix walked down the steps to her throne, then went to his destinations. "I'm worried about the Nile. We are not safe this way. I hope that wherever my people must be sent, that they are protected better there." Cleopatra thought to herself and sighed.


Was there anything else she could do?

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Nice job. :-)

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