Okay, here is the scoop. Every time I disobey my parents, they make me "willingly give them" 50 dollers. No, that was not a typo. Five zero dollers. Yeah, and I'm banned from computers. I can't even be on right now...oh well. Um, also, I'm especially banned from this site. I think I might have even left on my own, because ever since I've been on this site, I've had a change in behavior. And not necessarily a good change.  Um, so, I've already lost a lot of money, and I don't want to loose even more. Um, also I'm going on vacation next week. August 6th to th 16th. Um, I'm going to Canada. Soooo exciting!  Yeah...no. I'm not all that thrilled about it. :/


Well, yeah, goodbye. I will miss you all so very, very much. I will make a sort of poem/story at the bottom of this post about all of my really close friends. If I don't include you, I'm sorry, I'm running out of time and probably forgot. So...here goes.


"Donut, I'm leaving."

"What?! No! You can't! Who will I talk to late at night?!"

"I don't know, but there are plenty of awesome kids out there, much more than I could ever be."


"I'm sorry, Donut. You are really the most awesome person I know. People think I'm weird because I say I have a friend named Donut, or Callum, but I have never met him, but he's literally awesome. Goodbye. I love you for a friend."




Darlin, dear, I love you, too.Much more than you could ever love me,

I've made so many mistakes,

I hope you will forgive me.

Please, Darlin Christy, Don't forget me.



Tomboy, Alexandra, Emerald, -BEEP-

I love you.

you are such an awesome friend.

I'm so glad you didn't leave.

I hope your life will remain normal.

One last tip: Love all, even Donut. Nobody will ever take me from your heart.



Moon, look, I will miss you.

I don't know what else to say!

Oopps, So you're a little older than me,

but we can still be friends.

I love you for a friend.


Ice, well, we've only known eachother for a while, but...

I have a feeling that when I come back,

we will be best friends.

Have fun!


Honeydew, well, (oh, man! this even rymes! :D )

I love you.

You are awesome.

We've been distant, and only known eachother a little while,

but I know you're awesome anyway. :D (I know. It's cheesy, but... *grabs a tissue* )



That your new nickna...

I really love your style,

and how we were friends...

for a while. *grabs another tissue*


Star, I love you.

You're awesome.

You really remind me of a friend in real life.You rock, girl.

Keep up de good work! *grabs a third tissue!*



Hon! Artistic, Galaxy,

well, not much to say,

other than,

you've been a great friend,

you're awesome,

I love you.



you're cool,

just do me one favor.

Stay outta trouble and be all that you can dream of.

Imagination is you key.

I love ye.



please listen to me

don't hate yourself when you're mad at someone else.

Don't threaten to leave.

You scare me so bad when you do.

Please stay here.

If I see you when I come back, I won't be surprised.

You're strong, and awesome,

and you'll always come thru.



I love you. I'll pray.

I know what it feels like

to loose someone that way.




you may be younger than me, but...

I love you anyway.

(I'm so sorry! I can't remember your name!! O_O )



Hail, look,

you're awesome, buddy.



Hawk Desert, if you've made it this far,

I'm so proud of you.
You're awesome, and you were there for me

when I needed somebody.


Jade, (I can't think of your name!! Ahhh!! )

I love you.

You're really cool.


Bee bee.

 I love de name!

So cool, so rad,

just be you!


Ocean surprised,

You're awesome.

so cool,

and so rad, too. :)


Team red,

I think you got agent of the week

If you did,



Tiger, you kinda hurt me,

but that's okay.

I forgive ye.


Posidon, Athena,

you're so cool.

I love you.


Dawn Amber,

I love you soooo much.

You've always been there for me.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.


Devin, I love you

You're so just, *sniff*

AWESOMESAUCE!! *starts screaming awesomesuace*

Thanks so much for everything.



I've told you so much,

and you've told me so much.

You are my best friend ever.

I love you, Roman.




Guys, if I didn't list you, I'm sorry, I'm under a ton of stress. Thanks, everyone.


Okay, so now for my big secret.


I am:



















I think that's it.


Um, for all of you who I have told my actual age, please don't tell anyone. I think that is just Roman, but I could be mistaken.


Guys, I love you all so much. I really do.

Thank you all for being such great friends.







Moderators, please let this through. I spent two hours on it. Thanks,



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I am a Christian










I will really miss you!!!!!!

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My name is Michelle.



I love to learn

I'm a nerd

I'm a bohemian flower child 

I love tech theater

Spread positive vibes!

I'm a socially awkward turtle

I am a Christian.


I understand. We'll really miss you! 

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Oh deer!







"There is never harm in asking a question. You just have to be prepared to hear the answer." Dante, The Return


I am a Greencloak and Aimable.






That is a long post.

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Blub blub blub




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I'm Windsong.


I am the weirdest person you will ever meet.



Misfits are often the sanest of people because they're the only ones who have the courage to be themselves.


I'm not beautiful

I'm not cool

I'm not perfect

But I'm kind.





gee wiz!

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Blub blub blub