Hello again MBers and welcome back to another MBer POW!! As you may have noticed, Jonathan Cahill/AdventureBeliever5 posted the last two MBer POWs. The two of us, along with Saber/RacoonWave4, are taking turns showing all you MBers some of the most awesomesauce threads we've seen.


Long time, no see, well, to make it up, there are going to be even MORE awesomesauce threads being featured, so get ready, the AMA-ZHANG threads start NOW!


The 39 Clues


~ Potterheads like myself will love this one, it's a Hogwarts RP! Taking place in the years of Albus Potter, this adventurous RolePlay is one to please! Thanks to MysteryAgent70, the magical adventure has begun in the world of the Message Boards. Sign up now!




~ Clubs are always a fun activity on the MB, and what better club than the Protectors? With an MB Appreciation Week, Fun Group Activities, Protecting MB Happiness, and a pretty cool Oath, why would one NOT want to join?! Great work DragonChasing402!




~ The Message Boards are full of many wonderful stories, Mansions, and more, but a RADIO STATION? That is just awesomesauce. Check out HarryPercy1's (Awesome Username by the way) station!



~ The MB is a world of it's own, but a city? That's just a whole new level. MB Businesses, MB Mansions, and more are being built even this minute to participate in the July 2015 MB City thanks to FreeLancer37. You can be a part of it too!




Infinity Ring


~ MB games are the best. This is one of my favorites, Last Post Wins. Simple, all you have to do is be the last one to post and YOU WIN!! Simple, but amazing, love it CatPurple1117!




~ Epic Rap Battles of Scholastic Plus, brought to us by RacoonWave4, is back! Who is it this time? Only Tarik and Cedric Diggory? Who will win and who is next? YOU DECIDE.




~ Infinity Ring may not be the largest Message Board, but the spirit certainly matches those f other MBs. For example, check out the IR Awards and Record Book, brought to everyone by AdventureBeliever5/Jonathan Cahill and myself, EpicPegasus39/Hazel Cahill. The Awards are coming, are you ready?




~ A friend coming on IR, not to be a, hopefully, full time MBer? Nothing makes a Message Board happier then the addition of a new MBer. Welcome and chat with a friend of AdventureBeliever5's/Jonathan Cahill's, Aryandil!




Spirit Animals


~ Fans of the Percy Jackson series will like this one. PinkPie131 has asked a very good question: What did the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series teach YOU? Find out what others learned from Rick Riordan's Greek and Roman Mythology Uniervse, chat with fellow PJO fans, and even check out the Habits of a Percy Jackson fan!




~ Do you love to write? Are you looking for a place you can get advice on your story? Well, look no further, come to the Book Hub created by TwilightImp26! Want to write to a story prompt, get help on grammar, or want someone to give their honest opinion on your writing? Come here! Awesome work!




~ Star Wars and Spirit Animals Fans will love this. Spirit Animals the Star Wars version! Check it out now, now, now, it's amazing! Good job CatDragon2898!




~ SAMB is a place of many things, fluffeh, great skits, and more. Where else to go to though, than SAMB High? You can even bring your gang! Whether you are well known or now, love fluffeh or buttons, have a gang or no gang, all

are welcome! Love this RP GameWizard38!







~ Earth is a world without magic, hardly anyone has Magic. It wasn't always like this though. Join an the Magicians try to return magic to planet Earth! Can they do it? Find out by joining EmeraldDragon1147's RP now!




~ Alex and Ren are two characters in TombQuest. Do you think they will fall in love or not? Join ArtemisHunting119's discussion right now!




Worlds Collide


~ Do you enjoy being on the Message Baords? Will you go to the Message Board Boarding School? If so, POV here! Love the thread AngelEyes93!




~ Do you want to know more about the mods and admine? Want to see an MB interview from an MBer themself? Check out PinkPie131's thread asking the mods questions! They answered the questions too, who knew Erika would want to help in making video games if she was not a mod? I certainly didn't beforehand!




Iron Trial


~ Have you ever wondered what a song meant? Well check out GriffinHeart9's thread to find out what songs really mean!






~ Do you like Minecraft? Do you like RP's? If you said yes to any of these questions, then join AmberTurtle48's Minecraft RP!




Wings of Fire


~ Wings of Fire has many ships. Is it even possible for someone to list them all? Well, it looks like CompassWarrior1 has taken the initiative to do that. Check out ALL the Wings of Fire ships!






~ Do you like Slappy? Hate the character? Wonder what others think? Take part in DragonMerlin938's voting thread, do YOU like Slappy?




I'm afraid that is all there is for this POW. If you liked this POW, then say POW!!! POW, POW, POW!! See you MBers for the next MBer POW!


~ Hazel Cahill/EpicPegasus39 ~


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"See the world not as it is, but as it should be."


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