Meet the Monsters #7: The Stung Man!

Eeek!...Have you seen him?

Step Right Up! Step right up!!! Stare in wonder at these exotic beasts, these ancient horrors, these chimerical creatures! It's time to...


Meet the Monsters!

Ok, now that I've got your attention, I need to tell you something of utmost importance. The Stung man is here. He's in the tombs... the tombs of TombQuest. I've heard rumors that he's been showing up in tombs that questers are exploring. And he could be anywhere!

The Legend goes that the Stung Man was a thief in ancient Egypt who was trapped in a tomb and stung to death by hundreds of scorpions! He's covered in stings! Eek! I'm scared...One of his arms is a giant scorpion tail! Here's one of the pictures we have of him.


I've been hearing rumors that he only shows up in tombs owned by Scholastic team members. But there's no way to know if a tomb is owned by a scholastic user, so he could be anywhere!

Next time you raid some out, the Stung Man could be lurking in the darkness. And if you happen to see the Stung Man in a tomb, report your findings on this thread...

Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to go hide!

Professor of Monster Archeology,

Jon Z.