Meet the Monsters #6 The Head Tosser

Also known as The Saharan Calvarian Ignis

Step Right Up! Step right up!!! Stare in wonder at these exotic beasts, these ancient horrors, these chimerical creatures! It's time to...


Meet the Monsters!

Today's monster has got a lesson to teach you that you won't soon forget!

Behold...The Head Tosser!!!!!


Legend has it that the Head Tosser are the revived bones of ancient egyptian teachers! But not the nice ones, only the very meanest ones!

If you encounter a Head Tosser in a tomb you're exploring, watch out! The Head Tosser will (you guessed it) toss its head directly at you. If she misses, she'll try to go pick up her head. That's your time to strike!

Thankfully, most teachers aren't as mean as the Head Tosser. Happy Teachers Day! Take a moment today and thank your favorite teacher (or professor)!

Professor of Monster Archaeology,

Jon Z.