Meet the Monsters #5 The Anubis Guard!

The Cutest Denizen of the Underworld Ever!

Step Right Up! Step right up!!! Stare in wonder at these exotic beasts, these ancient horrors, these chimerical creatures! It's time to...


Meet the Monsters!

Today's monster is the dreaded guide to the underworld....

He's feared above all others!


The Anubis Guard!


Actually, he's kind of adorable isn't he? Ah, what am I saying! Even though you may give him a nice milk bone for being such a nice doggie, you shouldn't!

Anubis is the ancient god most associated with guarding tombs. In ancient Egypt he was most depicted like this:


Later in Egyptian civilization, he was thought to be more of a guide to the underworld, and would weigh the hearts of people to see if they were worthy of the afterlife.


When you look into his cutie little doggie eyes, you have to wonder... is he judging me? Is my heart pure enough? Will he mind if I give his adorable little doggie head a scratch???!

One thing's for sure, you better not try to pet him if you see him in a tomb you're raiding! The Anubis Guard is truly one of the TombQuest's more fearsome guards!

Join me next week for another ghastly ghoul or poisonous pet, on Meet the Monsters!

Professor of Monster Archeology,

Jon Z.