Meet the Monsters #4 The Four-Faced Mummy!

A Close Cousin of the Bumbling Mummy!

Step Right Up! Step right up!!! Stare in wonder at these exotic beasts, these ancient horrors, these chimerical creatures! It's time to...


Meet the Monsters!

Today's Monster is four times as scary as any other….

Oh, who am I kidding. Today's monster is cute! It's four times as cute as any other monster, I dare say!

Stare in wonder at the Four-Faced Mummy!


The Four-Faced Mummy has, you guessed it, FOUR FACES! And each face has a different attitude.

The first face is sleepy:


The second face is happy!


The third face is sad…


And the fourth face is angry!


Whenever a Four-Faced Mummy sees any adventurers in his tomb, all the faces debate on whether or not they should attack you. The happy face always votes "no" and the angry face always votes "yes." Unfortunately the sad face and the sleepy face are scared of the angry face, so they always vote "yes" too. So watch out!


When you see a Four-Faced Mummy in a tomb, its movement can be erratic and unpredictable. Occasionally the Four-Faced Mummy will spit fire from each face in four different directions!


Match one of these up with a Stone Warrior or with its cousin, the Bumbling Mummy, and anyone trying to invade your tomb is going to have four times the trouble!


Join me next week for another ghastly ghoul or poisonous pet, on Meet the Monsters!

Professor of Monster Archaeology,

Jon Z