What Do YOU Think?! #1

We want your feedback! Let's create something great together!

Do you like adventure? What about collecting treasure and jewels? If you found an ancient tomb, would you have the courage to explore it?!

These are the types of things we talk about on "What Do YOU Think?" the blog post where we ask you, the TombQuest community, your opinion on things!

Todays topic……..


It's Halloween, of course we're talking about costumes! Everyone likes to dress up sometimes! Even Gavin B…as evidenced by this photo of him with R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps books!


Gavin won the Scholastic halloween costume competition with that one! But here's the question:

What kind of costumes would you like your TombQuest avatar to have in the game?!

Here are two that are already in the game:

  1. The Adventurer



  1. The Cool Kid



So those are the costume / clothes we have for you now…but what do you think? What kinds of costumes would you like your avatars to have?