Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous! #1

The Luxurious Life of Kevin P.

Welcome to Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous, the internet's unchallenged, unquestioned and unverified authority on wealth, prestige and TombQuest tombs of the Rich and Famous!!! On every episode we'll take a look into the glamorous tombs of famous people and show you how they guard their loot! On today's episode, the luxurious life of Kevin P…!


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Kevin P is one of the World Famous game producers of TombQuest. He drives a gold-plated tank, wears diamond encrusted board shorts, and sculpts his hair with hairspray bottled at a secret source in the Peruvian Alps! A man as rich and prestigious as this must guard his wealth in an extra-secure TombQuest tomb!


Let's begin our tour with a shot of Kevin's luxurious Sarcophagus! As you can see, it's made of solid gold and inlaid with rich red, blue and teal colors. Deciding where to place your sarcophagus is the first thing you must do when designing your own tombs. No tomb is complete without one!


A Sarcophagus is like your tomb's throne, or your tomb's bed, but where do you put all your other stuff? Kevin P places a lot of his valuables in stunning gold vases fashioned in the forms of animals. Look at this beautiful 4000 year old one made to look like a cat! Vases are good place to hide hearts that restore health.


Now that Kevin has hidden his treasure he needs to guard it with traps and monsters! Kevin P's tomb exchanges sophistication with raw power, leaving nothing to chance. Instead of having a wide variety of traps, Kevin P guards his loot with lots and LOTS of Bumbling Mummies. So if you ever thought about trying to capture his treasure, it'll look something like this!


That looks really dangerous. See how each Bumbling Mummy starts walking forward when you cross its path?! Don't underestimate those little guys, they're cute, but they're really tough. It takes two whacks of sword to put them down!

That's all for today, thanks for tuning into Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous! Until next time, keep your tombs and treasures safe!

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