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Book 3 has arrived!

Costumes, weapons and tombs, oh my!

Hello TombFriends!!!

Greetings and welcome to the celebration of TombQuest Book 3: Valley of Kings! Your usual host, the lauded Professor of Monster Archeology Jon Z, is off exploring distant lands. I, Erika S. (lowly scribe and occasional papyrus scribbler) am filling in to give you the scoop on all the fabulous new additions to our lovely game! Without further ado…

New Outfits!

Don’t you just hate when you go to invade your friend’s tomb, but you’re not looking as sharp as your sword? Never fear, we’ve heard your plight! Now you can hit the tombs in style with the Dapper Suit and the Foofy Dress!!

Tres chic! Such style.

Also, you now can be a bear; it’s the best costume you never knew you wanted! And I’m not just saying that because my spirit animal is a bear….


New weapons!!!

Directly inspired by a very fiery scene towards the end of Book 3, we have a range of HOT (haha!) new weapons for you to try out! They all come with free FIRE!

Send the warm rays of Aten toward your enemies with Aten’s Wrath!

You're going to want sunscreen..

Prefer a more...blunt approach? The Ceremonial Mace might be right for you, though I would hate to see what sort of ceremony it is traditionally involved in...


And we also have Tut’s kopesh! A kopesh is a type of sword with a curved blade used in ancient Egypt. This one is modelled after the actual kopesh found in Tutankhamun’s tomb! Neat, huh?

The original did not include fire.

And last, but certainly not least, is the new tomb theme. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that perhaps the archaeologists missed a spot when they set out to uncover all the tombs in the Valley of Kings. This one comes with some wear and tear; fire damage, I fear. Handle with caution!

Could use some light renovation...

Join me later as I discuss some of the history and inspiration behind the new additions.

Warm regards, keep exploring! Erika S Lowly scribe and occasional papyrus scribbler.

Screen shot 2015 05 19 at 5.45.02 pm

Meet the Monsters #7: The Stung Man!

Eeek!...Have you seen him?

Step Right Up! Men, women and children of all ages! It's time to....Meet the Monsters!!!!

Screen shot 2015 05 12 at 4.06.04 pm

New Outfits, New Weapons, New Tomb Theme!!

Celebrate TombQuest: Book 2 with us!

Hey TombQuesters,

Top o' the mornin' to ya! I hope you're enjoying exploring each other's tombs! We've got brand new Weapons, Outfits and a new Tomb Theme to celebrate the release of TombQuest Book 2: Amulet Keepers. The book is available now!

As you can see the new outfits, weapons and tomb theme all have a common factor...They're inspired by London, England! Pip pip, Cheerio!!!

Here are the new outfits!

The Royal Guard:


The majestic King and Queen:


Here are the new Weapons!

The Knight's Sword:


The Crown-jewled Sceptre:


The Wizard's Boomarang:


Here's the new Tomb Theme...the Victorian Cemetery!



Brilliant! Splendid! Remember, all you have to do to get these cool items is buy TombQuest Book 2: Amulet Keepers, and activate the code you find inside!

Until next time, chaps!

Mod Jon Z.

Screen shot 2015 05 05 at 3.26.02 pm

Meet the Monsters #6 The Head Tosser

Also known as The Saharan Calvarian Ignis

Step Right Up! Men, women and children of all ages! It's time to....Meet the Monsters!!!!

Anubis color

Meet the Monsters #5 The Anubis Guard!

The Cutest Denizen of the Underworld Ever!

Step Right Up! Men, women and children of all ages! It's time to....Meet the Monsters!!!!

Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 2.42.32 pm

Behind the Scenes #1


We hope you're enjoying TombQuest!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to make a video game? Well, we want to give you a behind the scenes look at how we made TombQuest!

Some people think that making games is easy, and that you never have to get off your behind. But nothing could be further from the truth, especially at Scholastic.

In order to show the animators how to animate the monsters, we made videos of ourselves acting like the monsters! Do you like how the Stone Giant moves? Well you have Erika S, Len F, Kevin P and yours truly to thank for that! How do you like my acting? Where's my Oscar award!? Roaaaar!!!


How embarrassing.....

Coming soon, more behind the scenes looks at the making of TombQuest!

Jon Z.


A Thank You from the TombQuest team!

TomQuest is done! We did it!


Hey guys! Tombsday is here! Today is the official launch of the full version of the TombQuest game, and we could not be more proud.

We'd like to take a moment to thank you, the TombQuest community, for making this such an enjoyable journey. We really feel like we made this game together! Without you, it would not have been the great game that it is. Without you, we wouldn't have had so much motivation to make something fun. All of your excitement, comments, jokes, ideas.... they all helped TombQuest become what it is.

So now it's time to celebrate! Enjoy the game, post your stories, capture each other's treasure, and have fun!

From the entire TombQuest team: Len F, Erika S, Kevin P, Jen T. Lauren F, Beth N. and yours truly, we just want to say:


Jon Z.

Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 2.54.29 pm

Meet the Monsters #4 The Four-Faced Mummy!

A Close Cousin of the Bumbling Mummy!

Step Right Up! Men, women and children of all ages! It's time to....Meet the Monsters!!!!


Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous #3 Erika S. and the Sand Kraken!

The Illustrious Life of Erika S.

Welcome to Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous, the internet's unchallenged, unquestioned and unverified authority on wealth, prestige and TombQuest tombs of the Rich and Famous!!! On every episode we'll take a look into the glamorous tombs of famous people and show you how they guard their loot! On today's episode, the Illustrious life of Erika S…!

Screen shot 2014 11 19 at 8.30.05 pm

The First 50 Comments on this thread get Early Access to the TombQuest Game!!

Be Part of the Early Explorers!

Be part of the Early Explorers! If you are one of the FIRST FIFTY users to respond to this post you will get extra-secret, super-special EARLY ACCESS to the TombQuest game on December 1st (the TombQuest game officially launches December 15th!)