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   I open my eyes to see a bright light looming over me. i squint. i try to remember what happened, but my memory is foggy. I only know bits and pieces. my head is pounding. I try to sit up, only to be stopped when the pounding tensifies. Moving makes it worse. I looks around, not moving my head. It takes me a second to focus on my surroundings. I am laying on a metal table. There are straps holding me down by the arms and legs. I try not to panic. I make a second attempt to sit up. I grunt with the effort, but i finally get my head up. Its a start. Black spots dot my vision, making it hard to see for a couple seconds. I breath in through my nose and out with my mouth. I wait for the pounding to lesson. When it does i slowly turn my head to the right. there is a red faded , wooden door near me, but i cannot reach. 1) Because my hands are strapped to my sides and 2) Because even if i could, i'd probably  pass out form the movement. The room looks like any regular doctor's office. It has a white counter with a metal sink, draws and cabinets. A machine for paper towels and ,of course, a chair with wheels. You would think it was a regular doctor's office. But its not. Did i mention I'm strapped to a metal table? At the end of the room, on the counter top, i can see a tray full of tools on them. They have dome type of black goo on them.

"what is that?", i ask myself. Confusion overwhelms my head and i have to lay back down. I focus on breathing. in, inhale, out ,exhale . I do this for what feels like forever, but could only be a couple of minutes. i have to get out of here....






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