Jello! In case you were wondering, this isn’t an RP or anything. I’m doing a writing activity and I just need some of ya’ll creative minds to help me figure out some unique superheroes! Help a friend in need and fill out this quick lil’ form! Tysm!! (who knows, maybe you can use this as an OC or smtg)

Real Name:

Alias (if needed):


Good or Evil:




Hair color:

Eye color:

Unique mark, symbol, gadget, clothing that identifies s/he:

Powers Description:

Personality (one word):


Weakness (must have):


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 Zhong is my home

My spirit animal is an eagle

My nemesis is the hawk

My worst fear is....


Teresa Bellaire

No Alias





Demon/Human Hybrid

Bright Red


Black Skintight Jumpsuit w/ Runes(pattern)

Can create things from ashes


No one knows...

Cannot breathe in cold air


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Thanks, Lin Manuel Miranda, for Hamilton

And Rick Riordan for, well duh, books

and all you peeps out there who hear what i'm saying...

Name: Tiffany Binks


Gender: Female


Element: Fire

Weapon: Twin Daggers

Species: Half-angel, half-demon

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Long scar across face from left eye to right corner of mouth

Powers Description: Shapeshift, talks to animals and plants, can teleport, controls fire

Personality: Protective

History: At age eight, she found out about what she was. She accidentaly murdered her adoptive family at ten. She went into depression for three months but then she started to train and controll her powers of fire. Now she protects her city from demons and monsters and regular people

Weakness: Vampire blood(she can not get it on her skin or she has gets sick, if she drinks it or it's in her circulatory system she will die)

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Daughter of Athena


Daughter of Loki



Her superhero name is "Freefall"



Real Name: Antigone Demetra 

Alias (if needed): Amelia Larson

Gender: female

Good or Evil: good

Element: air

Weapon: Bravery amulet, a small necklace that holds all the world's bravery and can be let out anytime, the Arrow of Titans, and arrow you throw which when impaled will summon the soul of the dead monster into the necklace

Species: half human, half alien

Hair color: Auburn brown, medium length 

Eye color: forest green

Unique mark, symbol, gadget, clothing that identifies s/he: the amulet and arrow, a green super suit with an arrow on the front and a blue cape and blue boots

Powers Description: super speed, can fly, super strength

Personality (one word): funny

History: She grew up on Earth, never knowing her mother, and got superpowers after she was volunteered to be the subject of an experiment- she always had them from her alien mom, but never really developed them until then...

Weakness (must have): love



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Insanis Gang- Bear,Cain,Mills we crazy!


"You're my d



                     n fall, you're my muse, my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues."