What if I told you everything that you knew was a lie? The way the World around you works? Totally doesn't work that way. The Fish in the Ocean? The Animals running wild? The People living their everyday lives? All of them are living lies, lies created and generated by a being who wants every living being to worship her, to love her, to idolize her and her alone.
You see to say that there was a Grand Creator wouldn't be wrong. It wouldn't be wrong to say that she has even foreseen me writing to tell you about her for everything that we do no matter how small and insignificant it may seem no matter how big and important are nothing more than ways for her to show off. For you see none have true free will. But to explain all of that we would have to get into the discussion of what is free will? Why was it created if this all powerful being will just use it as a means to have us worship her? Is it true that what we think of as free will really is free will if all we do is a way to worship the Goddess that was so selfish and arrogant as to have made us this weak and pathetic beings in her image, only to have us as both an example of her all encompassing power and as her worshippers?
But you might be asking yourself one simple thought. The fact that there exists those who question the existence of a Goddess as proof that we have free will as she wouldn't create beings just to have them question her very existence would she? My answer to that would be a simple one. She created doubt as a way to shoehorn the thought of Free Will into our thought process.
Now that I've set that premise into place. Can I tempt you with a bargain? To prove that there is Free Will rather then a kind of cosmic slavery created by the all seeing Goddess above. Will you sell your soul to me for a bag of beans? And is so kindly write to me what your decisions are after our deal has been struck? For a human without a soul, that which enslaves us to the all seeing Goddess is an interesting thing.
Yours Truly, Stan

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