METHOD 1: The Pirate

The most straightforward method is to raid other people's tombs, and steal the treasures. However, the more rare a treasure is, the more guards will be stationed, and the better players are very good at guarding their treasure. The Pirate typically ends up with common treasures, like Hathor, Thoth, and Isis.


METHOD 2: The Hopefuls 

Sometimes, people can acquire treasures as Sarcophagus Rewards, which are obtained when you reach the Sarcophagus. Most of the rarer treasures come into the game that way, like kitties, busts, and Sobek treasure.


Method 3: The Daredevil

This is the most rewarding method, but the most dangerous. The daredevil looks for the most dangerous tombs, and then raids them repeatedly, hauling off huge loads of rare treasure. However, he spends so much time raiding that he fails to protect his own tomb enough, so the people he raids are usually able to take their treasure back.



If you have any more methods, please post here.

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I think you've summed it up pretty good here. My basic strategy is to raid as many tombs as I can, but I upgrade my tomb every three raids. Lately this has turned into rearranging stuff and getting better guardians, but it works. I think I'm mostly a daredevil but if someone raids mt tomb and gets away with items I always choose the revenge option to get my stuff back. However I now have a high difficulty rating and a lot of treasures so even though I have only Hathor's and Isis's I get raided a lot.

I also think you should add a fourth method called the Preotector. Here is what it would look like:

METHOD 4: The Protector

The protector method is to make a really good tomb and focus on protecting your treasures. Then you set the tomb settings to the default, which gives you random tombs. You raid all the tombs that pop up, but mainly focus on your own tomb. Then when people raid you, you take revenge. This gives you more tomb options and, since the people who raid high-level tombs tend to be more esperienced, this means that there is a higher chance their tombs will have treasures. And there is a higher chance those treasures are rare. This also means that in addition to getting your stolen items back, you will probably get some new rare treasures. And some daredevils will certainly come by since you have a high rating and as mentioned above they don't tend to guard their tombs very well. Once I randomly got a tomb with 20 treasures and a difficulty rating of 1 and a half skulls. This is a safe method that works and gives you plenty of treasures, often medium rarity, while keeping them safe from tomb raiders.

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Wings of flame and Wings of storm


soon will return


the earth will shake


and the sky will churn


when Pyrhia will return















No one is pure evil




Nice method, I like that one. I have almost 15 treasures but even I, who designed my tomb, frequently get busted when I test it. I don't raid tombs with lots of treasure, because the reason they have so much is because they are good at defending it.

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