Mummy: The most basic form of defence. the mummy is powerful but slow, and it is painfully weak to diagonal attacks. Because it is resilient and has good attack, take all due caution. Avoid mummies with frost touch ability.

Spider: similar to the mummy, only it is faster than your avatar. use similar tactics, like diagonal attacks.

Anibus guards: Be very careful. Knock them out while they are wandering, it only requires one hit. however, packs of A. Guards are bad news- especially when they start shooting energy balls. energy balls do not affect you if you stand on a crack in between tiles, a method invented and tested by yours truly.

(also, when finished bombarding you, they slam their staff into the floor, which does splash damage.)

Stone warriors: Truly deadly. stone warriors require top-proirity action. as their default trigger is a 5 second delay, attack them as soon as you see them. they are vulnerable when they are putting their shield together. DO NOT GET ON THE WRONG END OF A STONE WARRIOR'S SHIELD.

Head throwers: wait until the skull is safely on the other side of the room; then attack the skeleton. beware head throwers with gem enhancements.

Beetles: Not very dangerous, but be wary: their erratic movements can be hard to predict.

The Stung Man: He can use poison, jump over pits, and hit you from the other side of the room. use a healing ability, as a  battle with him will leave you weak. beware his projectile weapon, the stinger.

W. Wilhouby: He is like an erratic, souped-up mummy. He wanders around until you are vertically or horizontally aligned with him, then he charges. Only the speedier raiders can defeat him.


Peshwar: I never met one, but it is rumored that she can go insanely fast and throw daggers.

Four-Face: It is to unpredictable to leave any viable options.




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Awesome tips, windwizard!

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Wings of flame and Wings of storm


soon will return


the earth will shake


and the sky will churn


when Pyrhia will return















No one is pure evil





Like all monsters/traps, the Stung Man has a weakness. I found it!


While he attempts to sting you, his stinger moves slowly. It goes about 25% slower than you, and it has to rebound off a player or wall before he can attack again. While he is reeling in his stinger, strike a couple times and then run away: If you are within one cell of him, he punches you, and that knocks you back, in addition to inflicting poison.

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