There were a lot of ideas bounced back-and-forth here at HQ for our first annual Fan Appreciation Week, but it always came back to one thing: we have to celebrate YOU, the fans and the fandom. Well, what better way than dedicating an entire day of Fan Appreciation Week appreciating the fans (duh), one fandom at a time! For our inaugural year, the mods have chosen to celebrate the Wings of Fire community -- welcome to Day 5 of Fan Appreciation Week!


Okay, here's how this works: if we can get 50 replies to the Wings of Fire-themed question below, my gift to you all will be a special note from the one-and-only, Tui T. Sutherland. Have I peaked your interest yet?


Here's what the mods here at HQ want to know:

If you were the leader of your own dragon tribe, what power would you choose and what would your tribe be called?


Share your thoughts on the Wings of Fire message boards! The more detailed and elaborate your answer, the better!


I'll be checking for when the thread hits the 50 post mark, and remember -- it ONLY counts if you share on the Wings of Fire message boards! Start sharing, and stay tuned for Tui's special note to her fans...

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