Welcome to the first day of Fan Appreciation Week 2016! That's right -- the mods here at Scholastic HQ are so grateful for your excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that we're dedicating an entire week to YOU, the fans!


I'm sure you all are wondering what's on the docket for Day 1. Well, we know that in addition to being big fans of reading, some of you are also big fans of writing! So, our Day 1 gift to you all is...STORY STARTERS!


And in more good news: for those who belong in multiple fandoms, we have story starters for 39 Clues, Wings of Fire, and MORE! Check out the links below to see more story starters.


So, pick a prompt and start writing! Share your stories in the thread below and spread the fandom love. I've read the fanfiction, y'all; there's a lot of talent here on the message boards.


#1: The mummy lifted herself out of her sarcophagus and stiffly tiptoed down the corridor toward the daylight ahead. She’d been asleep a long time. Then a scream rang out.


#2: Ren hopped aboard the London Eye, the huge Ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames River. As the wheel rotated, lifting the capsule higher and higher into the sky, Ren leaned back and stretched her arms behind her head to take in the view. That’s when she saw…


Keep writing! Check out more story starters:

Wings of Fire | The 39 Clues | Spirit Animals

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Tombtastic! Get working on it later!

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I'll pick prompt 2. Do one later. Or maybe tomorrow.

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