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What's that, rising out of the leaves? ...It can be only one thing! It's the POW Flying Squirrel. It must be the fall, because the POW Flying Squirrel only comes out during autumn.


Some facts about the POW Flying Squirrel:


1. He is Jon Z's Spirit Animal
2. He is objectively and undeniably cute.
3. The POW Flying Squirrel does not actually fly. Like all flying squirrels, he glides.
4. His power is that he can grow in size. The POW Flying Squirrel can go from normal squirrel size to enormous, school bus size! When in enormous size you can ride on his back and he's flat enough that you can have picnics and stuff.
5. His name is Jasper and he likes red onions but not yellow onions. NEVER yellow onions.


And who's that riding on the enormous POW Flying Squirrel right now?! It's Jon Z, bringing with him all the best posts of the week! Every week I look at your posts, stories, RPs and games and choose the best ones to be part of POW (posts of the week)!

But what's this... there are two others riding the POW Flying Squirrel as well! It's user VampireRaven61 and DonutBaseball24!



This week VampireRaven61 and DonutBaseball24 helped me choose POW. What an honor!


See our choices below.



VampireRaven61 chose:
Signs You Have BAD: Book Addiction Disease. BAD is a serious condition that effects at least 1 in 239 Americans. Are you that 1 in 239 that has this disease? Look at the 6 signs that you might have BAD. If you have 3 or more of the symptoms...You probably have BAD!!! Good job, Rainstorm132, for bringing our attention to this serious condition.

DonutBaseball24 chose:
Girls vs. Boys Tug-o-War! This is the best version of Internet Tug-0-War I've ever seen! The games starts at 250. Every time a boy posts you add 2 to the number. Every time a girl posts you subtract 2 from the number. If the boys get to 500 they win, and the girls win if they get to 0! The GIRLS ARE WINNING!!! where are all the boys!?

I, Mod Jon Z, chose:

Do you do martial arts? Which one do you do? I trained in Karate and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, but user TsunamiNinja loves Tae Kwon Do, and wrote in a very heartfelt way about it... check it out ninjas!




*Blows nose...loudly. Excuse me, excuse me. I just finished reading galaxyfoot27's poem about a dragon mother losing her dragon child... I'm getting choked up..just thinking about it. Please read it, it's so good. but bring your tissues.

Well that's it! Would you like to help me with POW? If you're on Scholastic Safe Chat when I need help, maybe I'll ask YOU!!! But first, give me a POW if you love Posts of the Week!



Jon Z.

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POW! First!

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POW! With Jasper and Spoiler Stopper Llama, Mod Central must be quite a place to work!

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Admin Jon Z : admin

It is the place to work!



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galaxyfoot! congrats! I'm on WoF, btw.

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