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Posts of the Week is the time when I, the Community Manager, go through all your stories, RPs, discussions, debates and posts in order to find the best ones! And this week, we have the good stuff...I'm extra proud of you guys.

We've got a Wild Wild West RP, a debate about literature's least likable characters, a report on an appearance of the mysterious Stung Man and a user-made POW from the peeps at Infinity Ring! WOW POW!


The 39 Clues: Wild West RP Question: What's a RP? Answer: RP stands for Role Play. It's a forum game where users create characters for themselves and team up to tell a story. Usually they take place in The 39 Clues, Wings of Fire or Spirit Animals universes. However, this one is all Wild Wild West! Outlaws, sheriffs, shootouts and lots of Yeeee Hawwwww! I wonder if Sheriff Keith will show up.....




Spirit Animals: Least Favorite Characters: Everyone has characters that they love...Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Dak, Jhi....but what about the characters you can't stand? Head over to spirit animals and weigh in on who your LEAST favorite characters are. Mine is Dolores Umbridge. Ugh, she's the worst.



Infinity Ring: Amazing User-made POW... Now this just blows my mind. As you know, I took some time off from POW to make the Bumper Battle game for you guys with Erika S... Well the Infinity Ring MB wanted their weekly POW, so they just made one themselves in the time I was away! Amazing! So you get a double dose of POW this week. Crazy!


The Stung Man Sighting? Is the Stung Man real? by waffleMinotaur7.... Have you heard of the Stung Man? The legend goes that the Stung Man is person completely covered in scorpion stings. He's bandaged and deformed and really scary. He's in the TombQuest books but, recently, there have been sightings of the Stung Man showing up in the TombQuest game. I wonder who will be the first to confirm if the Stung Man actually is in the TombQuest game...We need someone brave to find the truth!



BONUS: Wings of Fire: Choose the Topic for a New Story!

I just had to include this! This afternoon a poll went up that will let you.. the users vote on which story you want to hear in the Wings of Fire Universe! Let your voice be heard!


Phew, incredible week right? You guys really brought the thunder this week. As always, keep posting the good stuff.


If you love Posts of the Week, give me a POW!!!!




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Roman Oh Kabra Lucian and Ekaterina 

Spirit Animal: Swift the hawk. 

Master Hystorian

Greencloak Legend

 Tombkeeper Lord Ma'at Cleverfoot

Icewing Dragon

Lord of Ice













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<♔ ~Leo~ ♔>



When the sharpest words wanna cut me down

I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out

I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I'm meant to be, thi is me






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