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Worlds Collide 2015


Yep, it's official: CatDragon2259 is creating a yearbook exclusively for Colliders, and YOU need to be in it! Head over there to fill out his (or her) epic form so you will be remembered for eternity as someone who was dedicated to the Worlds Collide MB! ;)



Epic Rap Battles of Scholastic Plus, #23! Gideon Cahill VERSUS Aristotle!
Hooray for Saber/RacoonWave4’s latest rap battle, featuring all of the Cahills and past Hystorians, guest starring King Tut and featuring a cameo by Alexander the Great himself! Read this and then judge for yourself who won! After that, be sure to check out Saber’s special WC editions of Epic Rap Battles of Scholastic Plus!



MIPS Science Labs
So Madi or FairyElf357 founded MIPS…. Uh, an asylum for the mentally insane? So if you would like to be “tested” on, come over to this thread and join the RP-style game!



The 39 Clues


Movie Club Meeting #1!
OK, you got me; this is my own thread. It's owned by Jonathan/AdventureBeliever5, everyone! :P But seriously, come over and join our club if you enjoy watching and/or discussing movies. Withmonthly discussions of certain movies, an official hub for general discussion that will also be open to the public, exciting club activities, and a possible theater movie theater for MB City, you don't want to miss it!! If you're serious about joining, come fill out the membership application on my second post on this thread, and we'll welcome you with open arms! (Note: The current name of the club will officially change on March 28th. Just a warning.)



THE ULTIMATE SONG WRITING/SONG PARODY CONTEST EVER!!!!! Prepare to have your mind blown!!
So Aurora/SphinxNebula6 is hosting the contest we've all been waiting for, where we can finally see who's the master of song writing, both original and parody! If you're into making parodies or you love making music and writing your own songs, turn in an application here (fill out her form, people), but remember, you have to be serious about entering! I could do this one…. I wrote song parodies before…. I could probably do it again. That's right, I'm challenging everyone! ;)



Infinity Ring


Infinity Ring book #9: Destruction!!!
It's time for the IR fans to continue the legacy of the Infinity Ring series! If you have read all the Infinity Ring books (no joke, you HAVE to have read them all and no asking Saber/RacoonWave4 to lay off doing it until you've read all of them), then come over here to fill out a quick form. All forms are due March 31st, and then, I assume, WE SHALL BEGIN!!!!! THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD SHALL BEGIN!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA – ahem.



SQ’s DQ, 3/21!
(For those of you who are just plain confused, that means Saber Qahill’s Daily Question for March 21st.) Saber wants all the IR MBers to challenge each other – and no joke, they HAVE to follow through with those challenges. Read their hilarious dares here, and maybe – just maybe – you can join in on the fun!



Spirit Animals


Things I Cannot Do in Greenhaven
Based on Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Cahill Command, this game consists of everyone listing things they cannot do, besides, you know, the obvious ones. So far, I cannot bite my spirit animal, scare people, be within five feet of pain(or paint anyone!), say that Olvan doesn't like coffee, and a bunch of other things. Gee, you can't do anything at Greenhaven anymore.......Thank goodness it's a game! Awesome game DragonSapphire90!!




MBer Theme Songs
Let's face it, there's a lot of songs in the world. There's also quite a lot of MBers. So why not add them together? Here, you can post what song you think represents you, or ask other what they think, or think of songs represent others. And it doesn't have to be just one song-the sky's the limit! Nice idea LokiClever!






Book 3: Valley of the Kings Cover Reveal!

If you haven't checked out the cover for TombQuest book 3, you are in for a treat! It looks so cool, and it looks like Alex and Ren are headed for Egypt! Maybe they'll see King Tut... Anyways, if the book as is good as the cover, it will make the bestseller list for sure!




Iron Trial


The Followed RP
In the future, you and many other kids are being followed. One day you are kidnapped and placed in a chamber with those kids, and find out you have elemental powers. Why are you captured? What do your kidnappers want from you? Only one way to find out! Great RP dragonfairy1737!






Warewolf vs. Yeti: Who would win?

Pinkangel is is curious on who would win this epic battle. Would a warewolf beat a yeti? Would the yeti win? Is the yeti hidden somewhere in the Himalayas? Maybe! You can either embark on a expedition to the Himalayas, find the yeti, and ask him his opinion or you can predict you guess here:






Fan of MineCraft? Want to help others out concerning the game and MB? Want a place to receive help? Check out the MineCraft Experts Club (M.E.D), courtesy of SurvivingBull50. Need any help concerning Minecraft, just ask there!




Wings of Fire


Mysterious RP
Catwizard has created this neat RP! Join today! It sounds pretty cool, and I can't wait to see what happens!




Mark of the Thief


Roseflower was a loner who was born into ThunderClan. After they broke up, she had left. Now, she is going to name her new clan the DawnClan. What will happen next? Nice RP FairyJade254! Want to join in on the RPing fun? Want to find out more? Check it out at






Like to draw? Want advice concerning the art of sketching or drawing lessons? Check out DragonAngel1685's Thread of Sketchers! The Place for Drawers to Meet other Drawers. Join in at




Sadly, that is the last of the threads. If you liked this thread, give us a POW. If you loved it, give us Ten POWs, if you love it so much you want to meet us......that's kind of creepy(Yeah, I stole your line Saber). See you later everyone!

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