Welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone! Here is our weekly rap battle! We've been setting up translation circuits throughout the entire studio to prepare for this one! Just know that there's a lot of spoilers this time around.

Before I forget, remember that I will be posting another Worlds Collide special this week. Also, a hint for next week- We have two important founders facing off...

Announcer: Epic Rap Battles of Scholastic Plus!


*Lumeo leaps out with a swirl, frightening a bunch of birds.*



*Vígi runs in, growling, also frightening a bunch of birds.*



Watch me twirl! Watch me spin! I can fight like a beast!

My name is Lumeo, yo, and you are the least!

You call yourself a Viking, but you only are a dog!

When food comes around, you turn into a hog!

I say! You're disgusting! How could Dak stand you?

I do what Tarik asks! You haven't got a clue!

You hang with Beserkers! I live with the heroes!

I'm the greatest otter! You are worse than Nero!

I gave my life for the Greencloak cause! You were only in one book!

I'm a piece of light! Part of the sun! Go on then, look!

I'm the greatest otter anyone's seen! Try to beat me!

You can't, though, don't worry! Soon, you'll be history!


I'm bigger than you! Stronger, too!

I'm a true Viking! You don't know what to do!

I survived, thanks to my strength! My brains helped, though!

You can't decide what you do and don't know!

I was only in one book, but good enough to be remembered!

Your Greencloaks? Hah! Way too membered!

You're not even part of them, just a spirit animal!

You raced through the mountains! Why'd you meet those cannibals?

Us Vikings love to conquer! We'd beat you with no battle!

Start rapping, Otter! Stop that rattle!

I'm Vígi! The Viking dog! Saved the world in a break!

Stop fighting! You ought to just eat some cake!


Could you jump like me? Try out some cool moves!

You think you're so great? Rollo never approves!

I am Lumeo! Fought alongside the Four Fallen.

Your rapping hasn't started! Why are you stallin'?

My moves win fights for the good guys! Ha!

You fought with a warden! Come on, close your jaw!

Lumeo's the best! (after Great Beasts, of course)

Stop drooling! That's why your voice is so hoarse!

I took down Zerif! The Devourer, you know!


*Suddenly, a Conquerer animal pounces on Lumeo and he falls to the ground.*

Rollan: Noooooooooo! Tarik!!!!

*Vígi walks around her screen.*

Vígi: Wow. Okay, that was rather unexpected. Anyways, quick continuation before this all ends.

The Devourer? You gave your life to beat his trick!

You bow to big animals? That just isn't slick!

I'm Vígi! Dak's friend! I stopped a Great Break!

Greencloaks were taken down by a snake?

The Breaks beat the Beasts! Your beasts couldn't live

If the Cataclysm came! You'd go down like a sieve.

Thus, I SURVIVED MORE! I lived way back in time!

It's relaxing listening to your rhymes!

I'm sorry you're dead, but if you were like me

You'd have survived! It's quite plain to see!

Try to walk my walk! Talk my talk! I-

Wait a minute, how can I talk? This doesn't make theoretical sense!

Saber: As I said, it's the translation circuits. I got them from- Wait a minute, I'm not supposed to be on camera. Keep calm. Carry on...

Vígi: I lost my place. Darn it! Well, I guess that I could-

Announcer: Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Vígi: Looks like the rap's done. In that case...


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Saber Qahill


I am Saber Qahill. I'm 904 years old.


I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Katerborus.


And I am the dancing master! *Evil laugh.*




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"I'm going to nudge wing and poke tails and HUG EVERYONE!"-Peril






"I diiiiiddd i waited and waited and then pounceied and it got awaay"-Clearpool


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    Das  God Of Animals. DINOSAURS!

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SAMB Law Enforcement(Cause we need one)

Awesome! And Vigi won. :)

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Respect IR


Remember Emerald


"See the world not as it is, but as it should be."


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