You know how the clans started? from small groups of escaped kittypets, to four camps of loner groups, to clans without names, to strong loyal clans that we know. Now,, we decide the future of the clans. this is sort of to imagine the possibilities in the fifth series. it is fairly confusing- each person can join a group of members of the RP, each one can create an idea of what they predict will happen next in Warriors series. However, it is okay to have the same idea as another group. so, eventually, we can put all the ideas together into an RP for everyone to be in together






Your Idea:

Clan (must match your idea):





Name: Shadeflower

Gender: She-cat

Your Idea: Eventually, every leader of the four clans had a twin. all the twins were deputies, though they wanted badly to become leader. A strange cat came along and turned the twins on eachother. each clan divided into two:

Shadow- Sunclan and Treeclan (like shadows created my trees blocking sunlight)

Wind- Cloudclan and Skyclan 

River- Lakeclan and Floodclan

Thunderclan: Stormclan and Fireclan


Camp of each clan-

Sun- on top of a hill were the sun shines the most

Treeclan- in the biggest tree in the forest, dens are  abandoned owl nests

Cloud- at the top of a mountain that nearly touches the clouds

Sky- at the top of an ancient twolegplace, entrance is a tree with branches that work like a ladder

Lake- on a large halfbridge somewhat near the ancient twolegplace

Flood- around a flooded valley where there used to be an unknown ancient clan

Storm- in a field that looks like a war zone because a thunder storm burned all the forest that was once there

Fire- in a cave where the earth on top of it starts to burn when starclan is trying to warn them of something

Clan: Treeclan


Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Dark gray she-cat with black markings that look like prey bones, one fiery amber eye, one icy blue eye, scar across right shoulder


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Skyclan Warrior

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