I like chat rooms. And I have an interesting idea of how it could work:



My plan is: people make their Keys. like mine: 


Jay- the blue I always use

Windstorm- Plum

Toucan: Red. not dark, nor light. just red

Cherry: Dark gray

Yoko: Burnt orange

Punching bag: Amber

Hawkscar: black



Then, to chat, you use the colors of your key to indicate who's talking. I one said the color in words because there is a glitch where you can one use the color you first click on. Also, parodys are allowed. Here are the rules:



1. All of the rules that the mods put. 

2. If you want to say bad words, either put marks (>?!@#$, etc.) or do *BEEP*

3. no violence to other guests. But if its a non player vesper, conqueror, monster, ect. go ahead and fight 

4. Animals are allowed, just place them in one of the many pet rooms. if violent towards other animals, put them in a private room. (only if they're large)

5. Is there a comedian? Cause I didn't put a stage in the back for nothin'!










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