Here you can talk about technically everything and anything (under the eyes of Scholastic) about Lego!


Just a brief intro about how many Lego I have:


1. I have a space allocated in my living room extension just for Lego.


2. I just owned the new police station a month ago.


3. The oldest set I have is 747, a fire motorboat.


4. I have two Creator sets, and four City ones. (Creator: 31009, 4993 City: 7235, 7286, 60047, 7942.)


5. I also have tons of bricks and a drawer allocated for my MOCs. (My Own Creation)


6. I have a Youtube channel just for Lego (although I'm not permitted to say the name 'cos it's against the rules).

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#Hope for Ruby, Dino, Inky's Sister... And those people who have disabilities 









Another Lego fan on here? Great! I've loved Legos for as long as I can remember, and it's awesome to see other people having fun with them too. My favorite themes are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Ninjago. You can tell from the first two that I love to read. I like Ninjago, too - the shows are a little below my age, but they have an awesome plot. The sets and spinners are incredible, too.


Speaking of age, how old are you? I'm not asking for your birthday, just age. I'm thirteen. Always have loved Legos, always will. I hope to be a Lego Designer as an adult. Think about it - you get to play with toys all day, and you get PAID for it, and you can make anything within your imagination! How cool is that?


Anyway, hi, I'm a guy named Sunshine, it's a long story about my name, and I love Legos too!


And it's a shame about your channel. I'd love to watch it!

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Yup, a dude (nick)named Sunshine! I guess I brighten people's days.









IRL, I'm a 16 y/o Christian astrophysicist who loves LEGO, film, tap, classic rock, and film scores.




I am also a lego fan... Well, I wouldn't say fan... I would say collector. I have collected over fifty sets and have collected at least 1 million individual lego bricks. I love lego so much, I made a 40-slide presentation on the lego sets I want to collect this year. My favorite genres are DC comics and Marvel. My first set was the droid dropship, and my latest is the Darkseid invasion.

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