Hey TombQuesters!


I’m new to the MB but I HAD to post because I just read the sneak peek for TombQuest #1: Book of the Dead, and now I can’t wait for January 27 to get here! Only 53 days until we find out what happens with Alex and his friend Ren, and 10 days till you can play the BETA Game on December 15!


To make the time go a little faster, can we get some stories on this thread? I’ve come up with an AWESOMESAUCE writing challenge to get you in the TOMB spirit. Below you’ll find some slightly spooky and epically Egyptian words. See if you can make up a story using all FIVE words!












Can’t wait to read your stories!


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Back in the 1800s, I was an Egyptologist living in Britian, but I'd always wanted to discover Egyptian crypts in the field. I had that chance a few years after writing my most influential paper yet. I headed to Egypt and managed to find a previously undiscovered crypt, buried just beneath the ground. It was large enough for only one person, so I left my team outside and headed in. It was quite musty and I couldn't use my torch, so it often felt as if the drakes was suffocating me. Finally, I made it to a larger room where I could stand up. Oddly enough, torches burned on the walls even though this toMB was extremely old. Hieroglyphs covered the walls. They appeared to be signs for danger, but I figured that they were some ancient mumbo-jumbo. I headed into the next room. In the middle was a golden, gleaming sarcophagus. Suddenly, to my horror, it began to open. I sprinted out of the room. Something grabbed me, but I ran even faster. Finally, I made it out of the crypt, panting. However, my team was nowhere to be seen. I looked back at the tomb and saw that something was still hanging onto me. I gasped. It was a mummy.

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Katherine Cahill was the world's first Egyptologist. That is why most of the Egyptologists are Ekats. But that didn't mean they were all successful Egyptologists. Robert Oh was one of these not so good ones.

A new team of young Ekats were on a tour of the Valley of the Kings. Young Robert Oh, the Branch Leader's son was among them. They waked towards a tomb. "And this one's an exclusive tomb that is known only to certain members of the Ekats only. We don't permit other people to navigate all the way to the end of this tomb. Needless to say, they have 'accidents'. But, as we ARE Ekats, we can enter this place." 

They travelled into the crypt, while their guide used a map on his tab to make his way through the place. He was explaining about the various traps in the tomb. Boring! thought Robert. He didn't care about the traps or Egypt itself. Ever since his mom had become the Ekat Leader, she had been avoiding him. And sending him on all these tours in Ekat strongholds and bases all over the world. He saw an opening in the wall to his right. He looked ahead. The guide wasn't paying attention to him. Everyone was ahead of him. He slipped away. The rooms here were all connected to one another, and were empty. Transparent glass secured all the walls to protect the hieroglyphs. He walked through the rooms till he reached a massive cavern, deep underground. In the centre was a sarcophagus. Lights were focused on it. He remembered that this tomb did not belong to any Egyptian pharoah, but to a merchant who was rich enough to afford it. Robert walked up to the sarcophagus. He saw that there was a post It note on it. 'Death Walker'. What did that mean? Suddenly, the ground started shaking...

They found Robert buried under the ruins. He was alive, but unconscious. The sarcophagus was missing. Clutched in Robert's hand was a fabric with the Lucian crest on it.

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I'm a goddess, an egyptian goddess. Sometimes they forget to respect me, like when they buried a pharaoh in my temple; Like really shouldn't they put it with another temple??? I'm paranoid by them. So I decided to send a sarcophagus to them; With hieroglyphs... They can read right? Well I think I spent too much time underwater, because an egyptologist came to my temple looking for a crypt of that creepy pharoah guy... He was in a huge suprise because one of my sharks jumped out with a letter, my sarcophagus. So much for a good secuirity guard!

He took it with a wide mouth. I don't understand are modern people even normal. The anchient ones were so more normal.

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Cleopatra breathed heavily, the air was stuffy and all was dark. She felt her surroundings, she felt something smooth close to her. Is this what it feels like to be buried? As Cleo was feeling the surface she felt a straight crack, she pushed and a tiny beam of light shone. She pushed harder, the dark uncovered her and bright light replaced it.


She sat up and found herself in a sarcopagus on a boat sailing. Hieroglyphs covered the outside of the boat and was painted black. "Good, you are awake." Said a gentle voice. Cleo turned and saw the goddess Isis with Anubis beside her, Cleo got out of the sarcophagus and asked "Where are we going?" "To the crypt, we shall test your heart there." Anubis answered with a deep but strong voice.


When the boat reached land, stairs leading underground appeared before Cleo. She mustered her courage and went down, there Anubis held a pink fleshy thing that appears to be Cleo's heart. He placed it on the scale. The scales moved every so slightly, but they became still and perfectly balanced.


"Interesting..." Thoth screeched writing down the results. "What's happening?" asked Cleo, "Do this mean I get to go to the afterlife?" "We're not sure," said Anubis "this never happened before. Thoth?" "Well," Thoth squawked "Cleo has been keeping the bloodline true and respected us greatly, but her love with the Roman men have effected this. Also her tomb wasn't protected enough and is currently being raided by Egytologist." "What?!" yelled Cleo "You have been sleeping for thousand of years." said Isis. "We'll have to consult Ra." said Anubis.

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This sentence is false. Now there's a brain freeze!


The hieroglyphs pointed the Egyptoligist to the crypt where the sarcophagus of the great Pharoh, Akhenaten, was supposedly buried.


All in one sentence. *dusts hands*

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