Hello, everyone! This week, I've decided to try something a bit different for this rap battle. Or should I say, rap battles. Remember when Tilda couldn't understand Briggan? Well, we've got four translators here who bravely volunteered to both translate for and add a bit of their own flair to the battle. That's right, things are getting four-way in the studio. And thanks to PowerfulIsis4 for the original idea. But before we start, here's my hint for next week: We'll be seeing exactly what happens when two dead people face off, and Meilin and the Cahills might not be happy...

Announcer: Epic rap battles OF SCHOLASTIC PLUS!

Saladin and PinkWolf!

*Saladin jumps out from behind a curtain with PinkWolf behind him.*


Uraza and Hazil!

*Uraza leaps out with Hazil looking on, pleased.*


PinkWolf (and Saladin):

You want to battle, guys? Step right up.

Come and see the Mau do his stuff.

Red snapper all the time

while we just bust out some rhymes.

Password on the myrrh box.

Go eat porridge like Goldilocks!

Scaring Ian, day and night.

You can't voyage without a fright!

You may be great, but I'm better.

See who actually lives in a world of cheddar!

Hazil (and Uraza):

Amber leopard, beats you fast.

Leaves you sitting in a cast.

Jon Z's fancy and I know it

CerebrusHorseing. That I wrote it!

You like hummus, go find a talisman.

You're a spy? Go and swim.

Black and yellow spots on me

Go on, kitty. Right up a tree!

You may think this is it, but I'm not done.

For me, rhyming is actually fun!


Laika and Rabbit!

*Laika jumps out from behind Saladin and Rabbit follows suit.*


Arnold and Cole!

*Arnold leaps off of Uraza's back while Cole does a somersault in the air.*


Rabbit (and Laika):

You were in, like four books, you mutt!

For CVV, you couldn't make the cut!

I'm a fluffeh, Awesomesauce, rapper and you know it!

Clap 'yo hands if you really wanna show it!

Have you traveled into space? I'm the real emcee.

You belong to the Holts. Don't bother me!

Pretty much saving Sera's life is how I roll!

Look at you! Do you even have a soul?

I'm 'a rapping with the Hys'tor'ians.

Your rhymes are just BORING!

Cole (and Arnold):

I'm a bulldog, don't cross me twice.

I'll beat you like lettuce on a fresh bread slice.

Sure, I didn't appear much. But when I do

I save the Holts' lives! That's more than you!

I'm a real rapper, Tomas extraordinaire!

You're a fluffy canine with a bit too much hair!

I'm a master at this game. I'll show you how it's done!

French train or Japanese cave, I'm a winner. It's all in fun!

You can't beat me, I'm unstoppable!

Your losing this battle is quite probable!

PinkWolf (and Saladin):

We're the best ones here, other pets go home.

And while your at it, go buy yourselves some combs.

Cole (and Saladin):

I'm a winner, you all know it.

Get out thread and start to sew it!

Hazil (and Uraza):

Ha! Fancy Jon Z knows that we're the best!

We stand out from all the rest!

Laika (and Rabbit):

You all brag, but you know it's not true.

Because we all have so much more fluffeh than you!


Who won? Who's next? You'll most likely be deciding if you post here! And please post your honest opinion on this battle! And I'm going over my announcer time limit! So...

*Title screen appears.*



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I am Saber Qahill. I'm 904 years old.


I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Katerborus.


And I am the dancing master! *Evil laugh.*



Hazil and Uraza.



Midnight is saying,

"I can make a rhyme

And possibly stop time,

Mbers and their dogs are the ones that rule,

Bones and teats are so yummy and cool."


Word? Midnight, I don't get you...


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