Yep, you heard me right. I didn't say name call the other MBs. I didn't say bristle at the mention of the other MBs. Compliment the other MBs. I think it's time our MBs at least recognized the good in each other. I understand its highly unlikely the MBs ever "get along", but it is possible to recognize and compliment each other. At the least, it will provide a better outlook and help us respect each other a little more. There isn't a "winner", but from now on whenever I see* a positive post towards the other MBs, I will give it a star. This isn't a star farm, because aren't stars meant to say "I agree" or "Good job"? 


You can post about this anywhere, not just on this topic. The only rule for this topic is that there will be no dispute-rousing comments towards other MBs. 


*Ahem, did you notice the little star? That's me saying that I can't see every post (or even a lot of them), so if you do not get starred, that isn't me jabbing you. If anyone else sees a positive post towards other MBs, it would be a wonderful help if you starred.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm posting this on all the MBs, so this is not directed at any MB in particular. It's me addressing the Scholastic Community as a whole. 


So, to start this off... can we get ten positive comments towards each other? (By the way, I'm gonna up it, so don't just look at "ten" and think your work is done or that you can't comment, too.)

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Always your friend, Avril. Remember Mimi. I love you two so much, and now I miss you even more. 

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