Hello my fellow MBers!


Since I know there is some friction between the MBs, I think I've found something that will be both fun and constructive. From now on, some large parties and Holidays can be celebrated on the Worlds Collide MB. People from each MB will work together to plan the events and festivities together! It not only creates an environment for friendship, but also may help to revive the WCMB. Also, as more MBs are being added, we are slowly becoming more dispersed. This will reestablish unity when people will be most welcoming to it. Also, it isn't a forced commitment. People can participate freely and decide whether or not they attend and how long they do so. It will take place on the WCMB to make sure there aren't any "turf wars" so to speak. Who knows, we could maybe even one day have MB-wide Olympics and contests! 


Once this has passed through the idea phase (if it makes it that far), I will be welcoming all suggestions towards what specific activities, the times we will be hosting events, who will be, etc. Even though it might take a while to get everything hammered out, I'm hoping to have different "trick or treat" stations hidden/scattered across different MBs in time for Halloween and a large event in time for Thanksgiving.


This is still an idea, so all constructive criticism is appreciated. I will be gathering feedback from all the MBs to help prevent any bias or one-way thinking. However, if you disprove, please clearly provide an explanation why as it may help to consider the downfalls of this undertaking. 


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sky aka Kayla Autumnwander, a voice from the SAMB


Representatives of MBs, please respond as I am specifically awaiting your consent, criticism, and opinion


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Always your friend, Avril. Remember Mimi. I love you two so much, and now I miss you even more. 

Sometimes a little less can be a little more. 

As I have said before, something's already planned for WC.

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Jonathan Cahill




You know you can't trust anybody now.




Sorry, but there's already going to be a World's Collide event- Scholastic-Con. Our event will be the 1st week of December and will feature performers, fan-made books, parties, and more! Join us then.

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Saber Qahill


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Actually, some of us are planning an event on WC already. It's in December, but it will involve all the MBs. You could help us with that, or make your own(sounds good, by the way!)

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